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Au Sénégal il y a beaucoup de pressions sociales. Pratiquement, tout le monde fait face à ce phénomène dans tout le pays, les femmes aussi bien les hommes.  En ce qui me concerne, je suis l’aîné hommes, ce qui me donne un statut de soutien de famille. Au Sénégal, on


Mbaye :  Je suis désolé. J’ai fait tout ce que l’on pouvait imaginer… Laila : Chut. Ne t’en fais pas pour ça. Ce n’est pas grave. Je peux attendre. Mbaye :  Mais tu as attendu pendant un bout de temps, et ce n’est pas juste. Lala : Chéri, on en a


Tout ce que j’ai toujours voulu, c’est d’avoir assez pour subvenir aux besoins de ma famille et de moi-même. Il est difficile d’avoir une lourde charge sur les épaules. Je me dis parfois qu’il est très difficile d’être un homme quand on a tous les regards portés sur soi. Plus tu vieillis, plus les responsabilités s’accumulent et la plupart ne peuvent être ignorées. Ma vie est une vie avec de constantes inquiétudes …


CLARA: “ñaareel xaritu jëkkëram” – second wife I know he loves me more. He left her home so many times to be with me and I never understood why he stayed with her if he said he loved me so much. She’s basically his maid; she does everything in the


Let’s talk about S-E-X! Did that get your attention? 😉 Today, we have one of my favorite Instagrammers, Lolo Cynthia, talking to us about various topics, such as sexual health, the role of women in a developing society, and much more! She’s a force to be reckoned with and her


It was the night of their wedding and all the guests had gone home. They were preparing for their honeymoon but there was something standing in the way. Madeleine owed her family one clarification before leaving: her virginity. They had to give the verdict. It was 4 AM, three hours


Over the course of the interview series, I have gained some new inspirations and friends. Ndeye Dieng is one of them! When I tell you guys she is the epitome of exceptional client relationships, I mean it! She does everything with heart and follows through until you’re 100% satisfied. She

BALLA (ADAMA’s sequel from women’s series)

**At the Ndiaye residence** Balla stared at the destitute plate of food in front of him. He attempted yet again to make a meal for himself. It had been a long three weeks of not speaking to one another. At first, Adama tried to explain herself but eventually gave up


In this interview series, we pick the brain of Buur Couture’s founder, Malick! Before we get into the interview spotlight, read on to learn more about Buur Couture overall! Overview: BuuR is an African luxury fashion brand founded in 2014, which produces ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. The word BuuR is originated


***Unlike the other stories in the men’s series, this story is real. I’d personally like to thank our very own Moutarou for sharing his personal story.*** In Senegal there is a lot of social pressure.  Practically everyone throughout the country faces this phenomenon, women as well as men. As for the effect on

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