Have you ever wondered what it’s like to go viral? I don’t know about you but I certainly have and this week, we got to pick the brain of Fatou, who did a photo shoot that took the Internet by storm! Aida: As usual, I ask my interviewees to tell us a little bit aboutContinue reading “FATOU PHOTOGRAPHY”

Financial Literacy with Momo Issa

We can’t talk about empowering women without talking about financial literacy. In addressing the many deep-rooted issues in our society, I would be remissed not to address this one because it’s so fundamental to building up our youth, advancing in multiple sectors, and securing our futures. This week, we tackle this issue with Momo Issa.Continue reading “Financial Literacy with Momo Issa”

Author of Maitresse d’un homme marie: KALISTA

This week, we spoke with a strong and courageous woman who birthed the idea of a show loved by many around the world, Maîtresse d’un homme marié. KALISTA SY is the author behind this series and she shared with us a little bit about her journey to getting the show on the big screens, asContinue reading “Author of Maitresse d’un homme marie: KALISTA”

GlamourStyleFa: FA <3

Name: Fa NiangInstagram: glamourstylefa (website: GlamourStyleFa.as.me) So this week, we talked to one of the finest makeup artists around! She opened up to us about her background, her journey in pursuing her passions, and future aspirations. We couldn’t let her go without getting her thoughts on female empowerment though! Let’s see what she had to say! Aissatou:Continue reading “GlamourStyleFa: FA <3”


We had a fun chat with AISSA VALDY, the young Senegalese entrepreneur taking the world by storm through her multi-dimensional initiatives. She’s a college student, hairdresser, model, and business owner! See what she had to say during the interview and don’t forget to follow her on her social media pages! Name: Aissatou Instagram: aissavaldy (business IGContinue reading “BOSS LADY: AISSA VALDY”

Short Story: ARAME

Harlem post-renaissance, pre-gentrification. When black people sat on the stoops of the brownstones they owned. When the chips were 25 cents and the bus fare 2 dollars. When there was block parties with smokey grills and a broken hydrant. I was born one summer in 1994 on a Thursday. I figured out Thursday when IContinue reading “Short Story: ARAME”