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NitDoffKillah – Challenges to Development in Senegal

AG: Tell us a little bit about you. NDK: My real name is Mor Talla Gueye. I grew up in Louga, Senegal and spent my entire childhood and adolescent years there. I got into Hip Hop as an adolescent and used to break dance with a group of friends. We

The Brave Women fighting FGM

I remember in college I had a term-paper that I procrastinated on for weeks and weeks. The day before it was due, I started it… I know, bad decision-making. I knew what the topic would be and I met every deadline prior to the due date: topic submission, argument and

Beauty & Brains: NDÉYE <3

Shameless plug, she’s my little sister!!! 🙂 **Who is Ndeye?** Ah, I really hate this question. I usually have to answer it in this formatted elaborate elevator pitch so I’m going to take this chance to just freestyle. I’m a 24-year old Senegalese woman who has an immense hunger for

ESTHER ADU – Peace Corps in Senegal

**Background on Esther** I went to school with an undergraduate focus on health. My degrees are in Kinesiology with a minor in Nutrition. I was always interested in traveling and being abroad outside of US; I started thinking of ways to make my dream of being an expatriate (expat) a

Our Deen: Oustaz Pape Hane

**Who is Pape Hane?** My name is Macoumba Hane but people call me Pape Hane. I was born in Thies, Senegal. I’ll summarize my childhood by saying that I learned the Quran at a young age – my teacher’s name was Makhtar Cisse. I finished the Quran and then moved


**Who is Gora?** I was born and raised in Guediawaye, Senegal. I went to school in Mame Maria and then dropped out because I wanted to go live with my father; I wanted to spend time with him because he was split from my mom. While I was there, I


Let’s talk about S-E-X! Did that get your attention? 😉 Today, we have one of my favorite Instagrammers, Lolo Cynthia, talking to us about various topics, such as sexual health, the role of women in a developing society, and much more! She’s a force to be reckoned with and her


Over the course of the interview series, I have gained some new inspirations and friends. Ndeye Dieng is one of them! When I tell you guys she is the epitome of exceptional client relationships, I mean it! She does everything with heart and follows through until you’re 100% satisfied. She


In this interview series, we pick the brain of Buur Couture’s founder, Malick! Before we get into the interview spotlight, read on to learn more about Buur Couture overall! Overview: BuuR is an African luxury fashion brand founded in 2014, which produces ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. The word BuuR is originated


In a world where we are all just trying to be the best and live our best lives, people like Haajjah Diop brighten days left and right. I personally have such admiration and respect for this strong, fashionable, fearless, and genuine soul! She’s a supporter of all women and all

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