Cuties: Why this Movie Succeeded at Failing

I watched the movie Cuties this past week and I have a couple of thoughts on it, just like the rest of the world it seems like. I’ll start with a brief background on the movie and Director and then get into what I thought of the movie. Cuties was released in France in AugustContinue reading “Cuties: Why this Movie Succeeded at Failing”

September: Suicide Prevention Month

Let’s remember to be kind, gente, and compassionate towards people around us. We are all dealing with something, battling some demons, trying to get by. A little kindness goes a long way. Mental health remains a priority, especially during these challenging times. The CDC reports that every 11 minutes, someone dies by suicide. Every. 11.Continue reading “September: Suicide Prevention Month”

A letter I wrote To Myself 5 years Ago

5 Years Ago I have great qualities. I care so much about people and if it were up to me, everyone would get what they want in life, myself included. However, that is not realistic. Especially not in my case. I tend to forget about my wishes trying to make sure that other people aroundContinue reading “A letter I wrote To Myself 5 years Ago”

“I may destroy You” – the breath of fresh air we needed

I recently finished watching I May Destroy You on HBO Max and all I can say is WOW. Michaela Coel is a genius for this show and for so many reasons. I had to make a post dedicated to this masterpiece, especially since my viewing of the finale coincides with my latest YouTube episode aboutContinue reading ““I may destroy You” – the breath of fresh air we needed”


Transcript: Lately, I’ve been getting the question “do you prefer Aida or Aissatou” a lot and to be honest, I don’t really have a preference. They’re one in the same to me. Growing up, I heard Aissatou at school/work and Aida at home. Well, it’s really Aida Mbene at home. Unless you’re one of myContinue reading “SELF-PORTRAIT SERIES: Aissatou or Aida?”

Soda, my sister

**An open letter to my baby sister (who’s not much of a baby anymore)** Hey girl, I want to share some life lessons with you today. Not because I know it all. And certainly not because I have got this life figured out. But because I want to shed some light on a few thingsContinue reading “Soda, my sister”

Maguette, on behalf of all the women holding it together during Ramadan

Reading time: ~4 mins I feel like I just laid my head down no more than an hour ago! I swear that alarm clock races with my sanity sometimes. It was time to get up and prepare a meal before sunrise. Ramadan had begun and it was going to be a long month of wakingContinue reading “Maguette, on behalf of all the women holding it together during Ramadan”