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Dear Senegal

Transcript Dear Senegal,  I love my country. I love being Senegalese. I love my culture. I love the beaches, the food, the people, the atmosphere, the sensation, the everything.  That’s the prerequisite to this conversation I’m about to have with myself and you all. It’s required because I need you


Transcript: Lately, I’ve been getting the question “do you prefer Aida or Aissatou” a lot and to be honest, I don’t really have a preference. They’re one in the same to me. Growing up, I heard Aissatou at school/work and Aida at home. Well, it’s really Aida Mbene at home.

Binette, the lonely wife

Reading time: ~3 minutes Binette: Okay. Let’s talk in a bit. Adji is over here so I’ll call you back, yeah? Djibril: Okay sweetheart. Talk soon. … Binette: I haven’t been able to come clean about it. He’s been extra sweet to me lately because I’ve just been so disconnected.

Soda, my sister

**An open letter to my baby sister (who’s not much of a baby anymore)** Hey girl, I want to share some life lessons with you today. Not because I know it all. And certainly not because I have got this life figured out. But because I want to shed some

Maguette, on behalf of all the women holding it together during Ramadan

Reading time: ~4 mins I feel like I just laid my head down no more than an hour ago! I swear that alarm clock races with my sanity sometimes. It was time to get up and prepare a meal before sunrise. Ramadan had begun and it was going to be

Josephine, the hotel receptionist

A young woman trying to make ends meet faces sexism and misogyny in the workplace.

Codou, the street vendor

Codou is hard working street vendor. Her personality as just as vibrant as the beautiful mangoes she’s been selling for 8 years! Discover her story.

KBF said … admire/love women but never trust them

Kocc Barma said: Jigéen soppal te bul woolu The entire blog has been about empowering WOMEN and empowering PEOPLE! I think this statement is soooo unfair that I can’t even expend energy justifying it so we will just include it for the purpose of completeness for Kocc Barma’s sayings. I’m

KBF said … A king is not loyal

When I polled my social media friends to list out characteristics of a good leader, I got things like this: A good listener Someone with empathy Someone who is honest, open minded and has courage Someone who knows how to motivate a team Someone who doesn’t always need to be

The Brave Women fighting FGM

I remember in college I had a term-paper that I procrastinated on for weeks and weeks. The day before it was due, I started it… I know, bad decision-making. I knew what the topic would be and I met every deadline prior to the due date: topic submission, argument and

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