Blogging during a pandemic

Women | Jigeen | Femme | Mujer | 女人 | Donna | Femina | Obinrin | Mwanamke | Mulher

These days, I am involved in what feels like a million different things. Remember when we planned for things to go a certain way and then the pandemic said “NO”? Well, that’s the scenario under which I am operating.

I host a YouTube show (in Wolof) where I publish weekly videos talking about different societal topics in Senegal. It keeps me busy as I am constantly recording, cribbing notes, and editing.

I still co-host a podcast, called Joko (you can find it on Spotify or Apple Podcast. Just look up “Joko Arame” or “Joko Aida”). We talk about different topics, in English, from a Senegalese-American perspective. You should check it out.

I still work a full-time job.

Oh and I am still enrolled in a Master’s Program, taking two classes this semester.

I’m not bragging, I promise. Quite the opposite actually. I’m boo-hooing because of how busy this all keeps me and how much time it takes away from writing. It’s truly my outlet and I love being able to sit down and jot down my thoughts.

That being said, blogging during this pandemic, with all that I have going on, is going to look a little different. I can’t commit to weekly posts; I will post ad-hoc. Please forgive me in advance and thank you for your understanding and support.

3 Replies to “Blogging during a pandemic”

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  3. Kady Fall says:

    Happy One year blogversary , you are truly amazing thank you for the stories , thank you for the education , thank you for pouring your heart out for us to see. You are nothing short of AMAZING and we are so happy that you take your time out to gives us these wonderful stories and interviews. You are the epitome of a Black Senegalese Queen!!


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