Self-Portrait Series

Women | Jigeen | Femme | Mujer | 女人 | Donna | Femina | Obinrin | Mwanamke | Mulher

It’s time for a new series. A new adventure.

The first year of the blog was very “let me write about others’ stories,” even if I can relate to bits and pieces of the different stories that I made up. While that’s been insightful and a huge success with readers, this new year presents a new opportunity for something bigger and bolder! This next year’s theme is all about being #Refreshing. #Radiant. #Raw.

I plan to take you all through a journey – my personal journey. Journaling has always been an escape for me and it took a long time to build up the courage to expose my work to others. But even in launching this blog, I hid behind “fictional stories.” I wasn’t 100% bold enough to share my story and this year, I’m going to change that!

I call on my readers to hold me accountable. Call me out. I will do my part and look to you for feedback – brutally honest feedback!

So what exactly will I be sharing? Well, I’m calling this year the “Self-Portrait Series.” I plan to share thorough, deep, sometimes embarrassing, and often times vulnerable moments with you all. I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to start writing. So the “how” and the “when” and most importantly the “why” of my life will be uncovered one layer at a time. You’ll get a better understanding of the author behind the stories you’ve come to love.

Get ready for a fun journey ❤

3 Replies to “Self-Portrait Series”

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  2. Williambem says:

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  3. Kady Fall says:

    Happy One year blogversary , you are truly amazing thank you for the stories , thank you for the education , thank you for pouring your heart out for us to see. You are nothing short of AMAZING and we are so happy that you take your time out to gives us these wonderful stories and interviews. You are the epitome of a Black Senegalese Queen!!


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